Gutter Cleaning Service

People tend to ignore their gutters until the roofline starts leaking or they notice another leak-related problem. But it is far better to keep your gutters cleaned regularly.

Yes, it is easy to let your gutters take a backseat to the more pressing home issues. Suppose, though, that you do not take advantage of a professional gutter cleaning service. In that case, you can soon find that leaves, twigs, sediment, lost toys and balls, and so on can cause a lot of unforeseen and expensive damage to your home.

US 1 Gutter offers seamless gutter cleaning services to homeowners in various locations throughout New Jersey. Our team of gutter professionals will inspect your entire gutter system and determine if it needs cleaning. If it does we’ll use our state-of-the-art tools and techniques to clean your gutters thoroughly. We will also provide you with a written estimate for the work, free.

Protect your home with gutter cleaning – your best line of defense

Having rain gutter system that correctly gathers and routes water is critical for your building’s — and possible family’s — health. While they sit silently up high and seemingly like an exterior decoration, they are a drainage system that is attached to your roof for many reasons:

Keeping your home’s foundation and basement free of water

For every inch of rain, a typical home sheds over 1,000 gallons of water. If this water pools around your home’s foundation due to clogged gutters or drainpipes, you can expect damages to exceed $10,000.

The water that falls onto your soil over time will cause erosion. If your house is built on a slope, soil erosion can disrupt the ground beneath it. This can lead to damage to the house’s crawl space, basement, or slab foundation over time.

Standing basement water that seeps into walls and ceilings can also weaken the core of the structure, produce unsightly watermarks, as well as – most importantly – contribute to mold growth.

Preventing warping or worse damage to your gutters, siding, roof, fascia, or soffits

Backed-up water in your gutters can seep upwards into your roof’s edge, where that moisture can further climb to loosen and rot your shingles and underlayment.

A roof with a poorly performing gutter system may suffer a compositional breakdown from all the moisture it collects, especially around the edges. When roofing materials decay, it can lead to leaks or fissures in the roof, along with structural disintegration.

Additionally, water can overflow and seep between your home’s wall and siding.

And, of course, standing water’s weight can pull the rain gutter itself out or down from your home, causing buckling or further avenues for moisture to attack your home. (Fun fact: the collected debris and water in an average home’s gutter can weigh over 350 pounds – far more weight than a gutter or its fasteners are meant to hold.)

Fighting the ravages of winter ice buildup

In the winter, clogged gutters can trap melting water from snow. When temperatures drop again, this trapped water can cause harmful ice dams. When gutters hold frozen water, the ice adds weight and pressure to a home’s foundation. This combination of stress can cause settling in your foundation, which leads to chimney fractures, cracked walls, and uneven or crooked floors. Cracks in a home’s foundation can also cause water damage in subfloors.

Avoiding unwanted pests

Standing water in rain gutters will naturally attract bugs and other pests. And once they can find their way up into your home, they can feast on your food, damage your furniture, and spread diseases.

That’s why one of the most straightforward pest control techniques is simply keeping your gutters clean and free of debris. It will reduce your family’s exposure to indoor mosquitos, wasps, water bugs, and crawling insects.

By preventing the damages caused by clogged gutters, you can avoid holes that squirrels, rodents, and other creatures can use as entryways for home habitats and breeding grounds.

Preserving your investments in lawn care, landscaping, and curb appeal

You likely either do your lawn care or hire a landscaper to do it for you. Either way, you are investing significant time and money in your home’s yard. Avoiding gutter cleaning can easily ruin this investment from the erosion and root rot caused by pounding, puddling water. Not only can this cause re-sodding, but it can also require new topsoil, seeding, or plant purchasing and placement.

Maintaining an important real estate value

Many real estate professionals urge that homeowners practice regular gutter cleaning. Why? Because many home inspectors will observe the condition of a building’s gutters as part of assessing a structure’s wear and tear and possible upcoming issues. It is far easier to have this determination in check rather than need to rush through home-condition matters when trying to sell your home.

For any or all of the above, seasonal gutter cleaning can help you avoid an incredible amount of stress and costs that blow the price of a US 1 Gutter cleaning out of the…well, water.

No wonder that Consumer Reports magazine says that runaway rainwater is the “#1 home repair that you should not ignore!”

The US1 Gutter cleaning difference

Our gutter cleaning services start with carefully listening to you and responding to your needs.

We will present you with a free, written estimate that communicates all required gutter cleaning work before starting.

We clean gutters by hand, including running a plumber’s snake down your downspouts. Our manual cleaning approach allows us to perform a cursory check of your seals, fastenings, and general gutter and downspout condition while working. Should we note any issues, we will alert you immediately to what we’ve seen and provide a free estimate for any needed repair work.

We arrive when we say we will. We stick to our estimates. And we thoroughly clean within and below our work area – taking the bagged debris away with us – when done.

Our entire reason for offering gutter cleaning is to save you time and trouble now and tomorrow.

Can you clean your gutters by yourself? Yes, with expensive ladders and a good health insurance plan. But why risk your health and employment over such an easily outsourced task? Leave it to the professionals in our experienced gutter company to take care of gutter cleaning for you!

Another point: Beware the countless gutter freelancers in this business who come and go – never to be seen again. Can they drive how much you pay down to a near-zero gutter cleaning cost? Yes. Can they provide the professional care and commitment to the job that we can? No. Not possible. We offer professional yet affordable gutter cleaning. Pay what is fair to protect your home and loved ones. We price our quality service based upon your building’s square footage, the number of stories, and its roof pitch.

Countless homeowners, renters, property managers, and Realtors® have depended on us to manage their gutters and downspouts. Our gutter cleaning services are quick, excellent, and reasonably priced.

We offer a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee:

As part of our gutter cleaning service, we stand by the fact that your gutters and downspouts will flow appropriately through the next rainstorm unless, of course, the homeowner did not perform critical repairs.

How often should you have us clean your gutters?

Generally, we recommend twice a year.

Spring, after your trees bud. The leaves, seeds, or flowers they produce will often fall into and clog your gutters and downspouts.

Fall, after all leaves and needles and cones have fallen. Clogs during this season can promote water freezing, with damaging ice dams and dangerous icicles forming any time during the winter months.

However, this answer entirely depends upon how wooded the area is where you live. Call us for a free estimate. We will be happy to plan your annual custom cleaning schedule with us!

Frequently Asked Questions about gutter cleaning

A. We accept cash only, due when we complete the work.

A. It generally takes our crew about an hour to clean the gutters and downspouts and remove the debris from a 2,500 sq. ft., two-story house.

A. Because of the amount of debris that can fall every day in our area, rain gutters can clog at any time due to the small amount of debris required to cause a blockage. In addition, who knows when a bird can start building a nest, a squirrel can start piling acorns, or a child can toss a ball toward a roof?

Still, we guarantee that your gutters and downspouts will function correctly through the next rainstorm following our gutter cleaning service. That is, of course, unless the homeowner didn’t perform necessary repairs.

A. No, as long as we have made payment arrangements! We will appear as scheduled, do a thorough job, and leave our receipt in your doorway. (Mailboxes are not allowed, by law).

A. We know that you have many choices for gutter cleaning in the Belleville area. That’s why we make sure that every US 1 Gutter cleaning crew arrives properly attired — including shirts on at all times. We work as quietly as possible, with no shouting from the rooftop or loud music playing. We respect that we are your guests and will at all times act professionally and courteously. We urge you to report any employee who behaves differently.

A. Yes! We are also professional gutter guard installers who can recommend the best type and brand for your gutters. And seamless gutter guards (aluminum or copper) are our specialty!

Free estimates. Affordable pricing. Fully licensed and insured. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We will do everything in our power to make you consider us “the best local gutter contractor in NJ.” Let’s start working toward that goal today!

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