Your Local Gutter Guard Installers

US1 Gutter proudly works within your local service area to provide gutter guard protection for your home or business. Our family-owned company has over 20 years of experience installing seamless gutter covers for properties of all kinds, with warranties as long as 25 years.

When you live and work locally, reputation is everything.

That’s why we operate differently than a franchise or expansive statewide operation. We carefully review your options to help you make the right choice for your drainage system needs and aesthetic tastes. That starts with offering multiple choices in gutter guard companies and colors rather than pushing just one product. It continues with careful custom cutting for a perfect fit and professional attention to fastening and adjustments. And it ends with those decades-long warranties that we mentioned above!

What are the benefits of gutter guards?

Seamless gutter guards are an excellent home investment because they:
  • Help keep your gutters from clogging and overflowing from leaf debris and large debris
  • Keep rainwater from pooling on your roof, which can cause attic and wall leaks
  • Prevent ice dams from forming
  • Save you money on future maintenance requirements
  • Improve curb appeal by matching the color and metal type of your gutters
  • Offer protection against damage to your home’s foundation or plumbing systems
  • Help protect your home’s structural integrity
  • Protect your home’s foundation from sagging or settling, which can lead to the collapse of 
  • the earth around your home
  • Protect against nests, pest and insect infestation, random objects, and so on
  • Reduces or eliminates twice-a-year gutter cleaning costs
  • By having no seams, leaves and pine needles and so on cannot wedge into a seam affect 
  • water flow

Choose the best gutter guard system for you!

We highly recommend these top gutter guard brands.

Leaf Exterminator®

Rainwater is evacuated through a unique, Micro-Pore filtration system that can handle ANY amount of rainfall.

Unlike other products, Leaf Exterminator’s ribbed cover encourages airflow to lift debris off with a gentle breeze. Made from durable, aluminum, it won’t chip, crack, fade, or rust. The system is fully enclosed, which prevents nuisance wildlife from nesting. We attach this gutter protection system to both the front and back of the gutter for added support. Your roof is not penetrated, and the shingles are not disturbed. The ultra-low-profile design makes the product unnoticeable from ground level.

Leaf Exterminator© comes with a 25-Year Warranty on both the material and the performance. The product is guaranteed not to chip, crack, fade, or rust, and your gutters and downspouts will remain free-flowing.

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MicroMesh Stainless Steel Gutter Guard Protection

Steel micro mesh technology. This fine mesh gutter guard construction is produced to work with all kinds of roofs: shingle, metal, slate, flat, copper, cedar, and wood shake. An innovative pressing system using a drip-edge design for a decorative molding view. Under-the-shingle option for new or existing roofs less than five years old (most suitable for low-pitched roofs). Also, a second-shingle style is available for 7″ gutters with particular concerns for old, damaged roofs. Choose from 30 different colors. Lifetime warranty.

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Waterlock Gutter Protection

Designed for families who want to get rid of pest, animal, icing, and clogging problems in their existing home gutter systems. 5″ and 6″ designs for K styles to half round and box type gutters. Aluminum design that will not gather rust or degrade over time. Installs with 1″ margin notching system that is pressed on top of each other, allowing seamless and strong transitions. No roof damage during installation. Sixteen color options, including copper. Lifetime warranty.

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Forever LifeTime Gutter Shield

A pitch-adjustment flap ensures conformity to the angle of any roof style. A series of ridges provide friction to help reduce water flow as it travels over the Shield’s surface. As the slowed water continues its path toward the tip of the Shield, it primarily flows into the gutter well and down the downspout. Any remaining drips are kept away from your gutter facing and building wall by our Magic Drip Lip! Attaches to shingles, tile, flat, metal, and copper roofs. Heavy-gauge aluminum or copper, with or without holes. Fits existing gutters with no screws by using inner fasteners and the first or second row of shingles. Over 20 popular colors. 5″ and 6″ K-style and half-round. 20-year warranty.

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Real® Gutter Cover by Raytec

Offer more holes per square inch. Easily notched and formed for a tight custom fit to deter pests. Reverse bend helps eliminate splash-over. Aluminum and copper. Available in white, black, brown, copper, and light gray. Fits directly on top of existing gutters; no nails in shingles. Your choice of three profiles: HangtiteTM or Hangfast® (or similar) hangers, as well as spikes and ferrules.

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Frequently Asked Questions about gutter guard installations

A. Many factors go into estimating the cost of your gutter guard installation, including square footage and your gutter system’s complexity. We strongly advise you not to use any gutter guard installation company that gives you a quote over the phone, sight unseen, as reputable companies – including ours – would never do such a thing.

A. The honest answer is before you need it. Don’t wait until a few days before an incoming high-risk weather event such as a thunderstorm, hurricane, or snowstorm. A general panic in your area means that we and everyone else is likely to be booked up already. A great time to schedule a gutter guard installation is in tandem with a gutter cleaning. That way, we can remove all debris and then cover your now-pristine gutter system!

A. The average gutter guard installation will take between two and three hours. The time will vary based on the scope of work, but we will complete most common gutter guard installations within this general time range.

A. Absolutely! We have installed countless numbers of the five brands we have featured above, and we are not aware of a single homeowner who hasn’t been pleased with their performance. In fact, for us, there is a tradeoff because every gutter guard installation we perform removes a regular gutter cleaning customer from our business.

A. Some homeowners may not want to install gutter guards because they worry that they will not be effective in heavy rains. However, we have never had a problem with the performance of our gutter guards in heavy rain, and we would not install them if we did. Each brand considers drainage as an essential feature of their design, from holes to pitch. A gutter cover that fails to drain in downpours won’t be on the market for very long!

A. Some people may not be convinced that gutter guards are a good investment because they will have to replace them sooner or later. However, if the homeowner has invested in a quality system, then the only cost will be the initial installation. After all, our brands carry 25-plus-year guarantees.

Gutter guard installations are important because they help prevent damage to your home’s or business’s interior and exterior, as well as the roof. The costs of repairs, replacements, mold remediation, foundation restoration, and so on are far more expensive than one of our reasonably priced, affordable gutter guard installations.

Be sure to check out all of our affordable gutter services – each a great investment in their own right!

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We will do everything in our power to make you consider us “the best local gutter contractor in NJ.” Let’s start working toward that goal today!

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