Gutter Repair Service

It can be costly to repair your home’s exterior, basement, or landscaping if your rain gutter system isn’t working correctly. That’s why it’s vital to catch leaky gutters early, which you can do by knowing what to look for.

US1 Gutter trains our technicians to spot problem areas with your current gutter system when hired to perform your gutter cleaning.

Our gutter experts can see water damage that might easily be overlooked or unseeable by a homeowner. You can also depend on us to honestly assess the severity of the problem, show you photos if the problem is above and out of your eye line, and discuss whether or not the best option might be a gutter replacement.

Common signs that you need gutter repair service

Sagging, leaning, or bent gutters

The weight of ice buildup is a leading reason for these conditions, although other reasons include clogged rainwater, falling branches, thrown objects, and ladders leaned against them. Such conditions can lead to water leaking through the gaps between the fascia board and the top edge of the gutter.

Leaking downspouts

As with the gutter issues above, tree roots, ice or debris clogs, and other conditions can cause a downspout to crack and leak. When a downspout fails to route rainwater away from your building structure, water will pool and potentially cause foundation damage, soil erosion, and possibly even slip-and-fall accidents around your home’s front or rear entrance.

Damaged fascia boards

Damaged fascia boards need replacing to avoid leaks and mold growth. It’s better to fix these problems as soon as you see minor damage before they worsen, and the home repair costs get more expensive.

Missing flashing

Flashing is an essential part of any gutter system. Without it, water can seep through gaps between the top edge of your Gutter and the bottom surface of your roof deck. Missing flashing means that water can enter your home without being channeled away.

Visible cracks, holes, or open seams

Whether in your gutters or downspouts, these will lead to leakage and possible flooding. If you notice such things, call US1 Gutter immediately to inspect the issue and recommend solutions.

Excessive rusting

If you see rust on your gutters or downspouts, it could mean that corrosion has damaged the metal parts inside. This condition requires replacement because it makes the entire gutter system less effective at keeping water away from your property. It can also weaken the metal, meaning the weight of clogged water or ice could bring the entire system crashing down on windows, landscaping, and even an unlucky passerby.

Chipped siding, peeling paint, or exterior staining

Any of these conditions signal that your gutters are failing to keep water off your house. Any one might have been caused by heavy snow or ice, windy weather, or just regular wear and tear over time. Regardless of how these exterior imperfections got there, they are pointing to severe problems forming from above.

Wood rot

When too much water is leaking on your home’s exterior, you may see a wood rot around your roofline, windows, or doors. In these cases, you likely need to replace your gutters fully. However, if you see one minor problem area, you might be able to repair or replace the trouble spot by itself.

Standing water around your foundation

The function of a downspout is to route water away from your home’s foundation. If you see standing water, then you know that something isn’t working correctly. The most common causes of standing water near foundations are a broken or blocked downspout. But it also could have been improperly installed. Downspouts should always extend below grade level. In addition, it must slope downward toward the direction of flow. If yours doesn’t, then it’s likely too short or is pointed improperly.

Basement leaks or flooding

The dangers of basement leaks or flooding include structural damage, mold growth, and health risks for family members who live in or visit your home. Of course, flooding can also ruin substantial investments in a finished basement. If you see the slightest wall wetness or pooling water, please call us immediately.


The dangers of mildew in a home include unhealthy air quality, unpleasant odors, and unsightly stains. Unfortunately, mildew grows when moisture collects in areas where we cannot easily remove it. So the minute you spot it, act on it!

Missing nails or screws

Missing nails or screws in your gutters can allow rainwater to penetrate your attic space. That leads to condensation buildup, which can cause rot, mildew, and other issues. To prevent this, you must make sure all fasteners are securely attached. Fortunately, if you hire US1 Gutter to clean your gutters seasonally, our experts will check your nails and screws and alert you to any necessary repairs.

Broken fasteners

Broken gutter fasteners can create gaps between sections of your roofline. These holes provide easy access for pests like squirrels, raccoons, birds, bats, snakes, and more. Not only can this introduce frightening encounters with wild animals, but it will also, in all likelihood, introduce feces and infestations into your home.

Broken downspout fasteners can lead to out-of-angle drainage and loose connections to gutter holes. These problems can result in water leaking through the joints instead of being directed safely away from your home. It’s easy to ignore broken downspout fasteners until after a storm hits. At that point, it’s usually too late to fix them before significant damage occurs. We recommend replacing missing or broken fasteners as soon as possible.

Leaking pipes

If your pipes are leaking, your gutters may have caused some of the problems. A leak that begins at a drainage area can eventually damage pipe insulation, crack plumbing lines, or even cause faulty valves. It is important to note that not every leak needs immediate attention. However, if you notice a substantial problem, consider that its root might be with a damaged gutter system.

What are typical repair services?

Every repair is different, and all requests will require a site visit. Typically, however, a gutter repair can include:
  • Tightening miters (corner pieces) to lock seams together
  • Reaffixing loose downspouts or gutters
  • Replacing missing parts
  • Refastening rain gutter to the fascia board
  • Caulking leaking rain gutters
  • Adding downspout straps if pulling away from the wall
  • Adjust pitch angle if off
  • Diverting downspouts to change water flow drainage path

Why Choose US1 Gutter as your gutter repair company?

We know how frustrating it is to find yourself dealing with unreliable contractors or gutter companies. You want a gutter repair company that you can trust to advise you about your options for a repair or a new gutter installation.

With US1 Gutter, you get both: experience and expertise. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience repairing residential and commercial gutters. And because we’re licensed contractors, we understand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to fixing your gutters. We have trained our team to handle the best gutter materials, all types of gutters systems, and roofing materials. We also provide free estimates on all gutter services and guarantee our work.

Our guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied with our gutter repair service, just let us know within 30 days of installation. We will come back and adjust the repair without charge.

Free estimates. Affordable pricing. Fully licensed and insured. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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