Seamless Copper Gutters and Downspouts

Those who opt for copper gutters and downspouts rarely regret their decision. Although copper gutters are more expensive per linear foot than aluminum or galvanized steel gutters, they have a distinct appearance that is highly sought after by discerning property owners.

Copper is an aesthetically versatile premium product, with most homeowners and business owners preferring to let it age into a stunning blue-green patina. Many historically accurate homes and businesses feature copper gutters and downspouts, as well as newer structures that one designs to project authority or dependability.

A copper gutter and downspout are perfect for high-end custom homes, traditional houses, and historic properties. Copper gutters on a Victorian home? Absolutely. Arts and Crafts? Tudor style? Excellent. Copper gutters were a favorite of Frank Lloyd Wright, a champion of natural materials. The sight of copper glistening along the edge of a classic slate roof is a masterpiece of design for a home tour.

Copper glams up your gutters. Think of them as structural jewelry that maximizes curb appeal and sales value.

Also, while seamless aluminum gutters can last approximately 20 years, copper gutter systems last an average of 60 years. So on a yearly cost basis, they don’t cost much more than aluminum.

US1 Gutter LLC installs seamless copper gutters in 5″ or 6″ widths, in heavy-duty gauges, as K-style gutters or half-round gutters, along with copper downspouts and accessories – including seamless gutter guards – to give you the stylish, stately structural appearance you are looking for.

Our experts are fully experienced in gutter replacement and seamless copper gutter installation, helping you upgrade your home’s exterior.

The benefits of copper gutters and downspouts

Other than the usual benefits of seamless gutter installation, the benefits of copper vs. aluminum include:
  • No possibility of corrosion
  • Up to three times the life expectancy
  • Unique coloration develops from a greenish patina over time
  • The joints in copper gutters are soldered, which avoids the reapplication needed for sealants
  • Comparable pricing over life of the product
  • Great investment in material value and property value
  • Superior choice for historical buildings and many commercial buildings

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